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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jack Meyer 10 / 10

Best Film of 2016!!!

Great movie! Really loved this film probably my favorite film of 2016 so far really funny and unique! Also great acting job from Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith really looking forward to seeing more from them in the future! This is a great film if you love things from the 80s and 90s a really great nostalgia film! And i am a huge fan of Tusk and i think this was a perfect spin off of that and i think it was a really good idea to make a film revolving around the Colleens it was really unexpected but a really great idea! I'm really looking forward to Moose Jaws and cant wait to see where that goes and also i got to view Yoga Hoser at one of Kevin's early screenings and it was a blast!!!

Reviewed by Jimbo-Slicey-Dicey 10 / 10

Awesome, ridiculous, Funny as hell

Imagine Clerks meets Ghoulies. It was supposed to be a kids movie, but ended up as a midnight movie that kids can't see yet. It was hilarious. It was weird. It was different. There were callbacks to old movies. You might want to re-watch some of the old stuff before going in to watch this one. There were awesome cameos. The king of cameos makes an appearance. The story is pretty original like most of Kevin's stuff. Killer Nazi sausages try to take over Canada. How high do you have to be to come up with that? Silent Bob high. That's how high you have to be. Johnny Depp, his daughter, and Kevin's daughter had me holding my sides at times. Please see this and enjoy it as much as I did. Huge Kevin Smith fan, so yes I am a bit biased, and I was lucky enough to see this at a sneak preview hosted by the man.

Reviewed by Lyon Richardson 6 / 10

If you know what your getting into...Solid fun!

Kevin Smith definitely didn't shoot for the moon, or aim to make this for everyone, or even most...he made this for his fans from the Podcast, and to give his daughter an avenue to stretch her new found skills.

The movie is fun. the performances in it all shine at different moments...the two standouts being Johnny Depp as Guy Lapointe and Tony Hale as Lily-Rose Depp's Dad...Solid and funny.

The girls grew on me after awhile...which was surprising, only to the fact that watching teen girls on their phones and chatting back and real life can be annoying...But Smith makes it funny, and paced well.

Overall...if the preview intrigues you...see it.

If's OK to's not for you.

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