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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by howardbooher 10 / 10

Loved the idea....true story & actual heroes instead of overpaid actors!

This movie wasn't really a 10, but it was pretty darn good & I used that rating to balance out some of the pathetic low ratings. Anyone who read about and watched the preview, let alone remembered the news story when this happened (I do), should not have been surprised. Honestly, the movie was exactly what we expected, and everyone in our group liked it. It was well done, going between the event (the attack) and flashbacks of a lifelong friendship among three friends. How else would anyone expect an event that probably only lasted a few minutes to last for an hour & a half movie UNLESS there was backstory added into the movie? Truthfully, anyone who expected a nonstop action flick needs to stop complaining about overpriced Hollywood films, actors, etc. & should just go watch an old action classic if that's all he/she wants. Was some of the acting a little stiff here and there? Yes, but these are real people, playing themselves, who acted heroically during a real event and avoided great tragedy for many, many people on that train. I was never bored, never yawned & truly enjoyed the well done back and forth pace of flashbacks between the attack and the paths that got them to that point. It's a little sad these days that a simply inspiring movie isn't good enough for a good review unless you have actors in it who make millions or tons of stuff gets blown up. I would much rather spend my money on a movie like this than on much of the other garbage that Hollywood puts out these days. I want movies to entertain, but to also be inspiring and not depressing or disgusting, and where the good guy wins. If you want to leave the theater feeling satisfied, this movie will not disappoint.

Reviewed by boliarnaud 9 / 10


? mostly comprised of banal, drama-free, quotidian scenes that merely reinforce the men's status as regular Joes who, one day, had the opportunity for greatness thrust upon ?

Yeah at first I wasn't convinced by this movie but then I realized it was more than that, more than meets the eye so to speak, we're supposed to see a lifestyle, western, European-american opposed to this... barbarian stupid integrist muslimish lifestyle. We don't see him before the "incident" but we know at first sight for sure he's a bad guy, violent and obsessed by his own insanity. We see them (2 white guys and one black dude) smiling, enjoying life, they travel through Europe and then they travel to Paris...
Funny thing, Paris has a bad reputation but we don't know why (in fact we all know why). French people are rude.
The bad guy is the only un-civilized person we see. Everybody else is fine, living their lives and the bad guy is obviously (like we say in Frane) "un gros rageux".
Full of hate that is.

People just don't get it.

Very good flick.

Reviewed by phd_travel 9 / 10

A victory against terror - enjoyed this thoroughly.

For those who criticize the non action parts of the movie miss the point. This movie is about ordinary people who had to deal with an extraordinary situation. The events only took minutes so of course it isn't a non stop action movie. It was a good thing to use the actual people as much as possible the three from Sacramento and the other from Virginia played themselves. It didn't have a reality TV feel - it actually helped make things much more real - not just some famous actors in perilous situations and there is nothing wrong with their acting. The parts showing the training of Stone were useful for the way he tackled the terrorist later and helped the shooting victim so it wasn't wasted. I actually enjoyed their trip through Rome, Venice, Berlin and Amsterdam. Their dialog was so much like any person who has done the Eurailpass thing would recognize. Showing their happy times helps emphasize the beauty and good times that still exist in Europe

A couple of faults - the ceremonial speech at the end by Hollande could have had subtitles. The real footage was cleverly blended with the reenactments. The childhood school bonding is cute but the getting in trouble and visits to the principal's office could have been shortened a bit. Whatever it is it didn't have a Clint Eastwood draggy feeling at all.

So good to see a real terrorist situation that turned out okay.

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