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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vivibs 10 / 10

I'v never written a review before but i really want horror fans to watch! The first Horror for the year that deserves some good recognition. It's a solid 10 all the way. Acting was perfect by most, story-line realistic and ENDING, ill say no more. Give it a try promise you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by roki roki 10 / 10

Not many horrors made me feel goose bumps like this one. It gives some awkward feeling as if I am in that movie. Very disturbing stuff in a way that you'll hate it if you watch it late. Everything is great- acting, ambient, lights, sound. Music is exceptionally creepy just in the places where it should be. Film editors did the great montage. A must watch for every horror fan.

Superb horror.

Reviewed by aw1963 8 / 10

As a sleep paralysis sufferer this was an interesting and thought provoking movie for me from a historical point of view.One reviewer stated that they couldn't get past the first minute of the movie,well,their loss,and why are you writing a review of a movie you never watched,pointless and a little narcissistic.
The acting could at times be a little over the top but overall was good and didn't detract from the movie at all,special effects were basic but well done basic,proving not everything has to have a big bang to draw the audience in and creep them out.The ending was good and wasn't something I was expecting but came as no surprise.I have no qualms in recommending this movie to anyone who doesn't mind a horror movie that isn't dripping in blood and slashed up naked women.A solid 8 out of 10 from me.

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