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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gscroggs 10 / 10

Very few of us would embark on a journey to the Congo to find a lost sibling, as does Sara, a naive Madrid lawyer. She is forced to become aware of a brutal reality that most of us ignore yet that supports our technology: African mafia bosses routinely murder entire villages while kidnapping children to serve as soldiers to control mines that produce minerals needed for high-tech products. Menaced by literal and figurative snakes (both foreign and native), Sara also experiences incredible acts of kindness and courage by Africans, a stark contrast with inhumanity of the few. In the end, the movie leaves us wondering whether it is noble or futile to try to intervene.

Reviewed by tkaine3 9 / 10

Now I say that with one company in focus at the moment which is NETFLIX. Now to be honest By all accounts from every country across the globe the netflix original releases have been crushing it.
Today for me in particular has been like a usual day for most people, Meaning I was kind of busy and I really did not have time to sit down and write a movie review. Lately though my reviews have been garnering a moderate amount of attention outside of IMDB because of their honesty or authenticity and I feel as though I owe it to like minded individuals to convey my thoughts when I have an out of body experience brought about by watching a motion picture.

Now with that being said I have to also mention another aspect of this film pertaining to a little bit of background about myself. I am an African American male from Philadelphia the land of brotherly love in America. This film is a European Spanish flick shot on location in Africa so to me it's a foreign film.
Now Netflix has a massive amount of films with voice overs in a different language. This film boasts voice overs performed in Portuguese, European Spanish, French, German and Italian but not in English. No matter though I had a feeling this film would be worth taking the time and reading the subtitles or closed captions and never in my life did I make a better prediction about a movie.
All through out my life I confess I have always wondered what would compel a Intelligent, Successful Ivy league doctor to abandon our high salary easy way of life to practice medicine abroad for no money under conditions that are life threatening. After pondering this question my whole adult life and one viewing of this film ( SARA's NOTEBOOK ) This question was finally answered.
Belen Rueda the main character, Marian Alvarez who plays her sister and Ivan Mendes who plays jamir truly give Oscar winning performances..
The director Norberto Lopez Amado was simply nothing short of perfection maintaining direction and pace of this cinematic action packed drama.
The writing for this movie was 100% remarkable hitting all points of emphasis while totally concealing it's mystery for maximum effect. Some scenes in this movie would make the toughest people drop a tear and yet we know this is happening everyday somewhere across the globe and we can be doing so much more as human beings to prevent it from happening.

When a movie not only tells a story that you can relate to but does it with such impact and conviction that it stirs something deep within you that makes you wanna pick up and join it's cause goes beyond creating something for entertainment purposes. I think I would categorize that as a film makers dream.
That is the ultimate reason most people set out to inspire by creating these amazing films. ISN'T IT?

I give this film a GREAT MOVIE RATING I actually felt honored to partake in viewing this future award winning film.

Reviewed by al_tejani 9 / 10

For someone who has lived in the Congo, this story is as real as it gets. Some reviews find certain events unrealistic and far fetched but they have probably never been in a jungle in Africa

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