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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amalh 9 / 10

Wow... go see this one. "bloody" amazing.

i don't know if you have noticed how good Korean film have been in the past few years. OldBoy, Chaser, i saw the devil change the way i looked at Korean cinema and thrillers in particularly. this one is no different, if not better. everything about it is great: the suspense, music, acting, story buildup, and even... the final scene. yes its a bit long, but worth every second, as you cant get bored with t, its just getting better and better. i had to go back to the movie thread to understand some of the details i missed / or deliberately left out to the viewers to decide... normally i don't like the directors do that to us "poor" viewers, but here i didn't mind really. all good. very good indeed.

Reviewed by truwarier 8 / 10

Pretty good, though quite long

The story is quality and has some decent twists. The action-oriented scenes (there aren't really any actual action scenes) are well-done and entertaining.

There are a lot of flashbacks which help explain what is going on, though it is often hard to tell who is who in the flashback scenes because it seems that different actors are used, if only for some of the characters.

There are a few neat aspects to the movie which are somewhat unique and contribute to its quality.

Most of the actors are high quality and well-cast, especially the two leads. There are some comic relief henchmen who are also quite good.

It could do to be half an hour shorter, though there is not much else to complain about.

Reviewed by redrummy 8 / 10

great film which is let down by inconsistency

after going through a recent love of korean cinema, i accidentally came across moss and found a great film which died out towards it's conclusion. it does have a hefty run time, which isn't a problem, a great film will engulf you and can you forget time.

i won't spoil the story but the characters as likable as some of them are, too much is given away from their direction, it won't be long until characters play to stereotypes and you'll most likely work out the twist.

the protagonist never does anything to make him likable but you do root for him but as the story shifts between him and his father, the quality of the story telling begins to falter. his background is never explored to any detail but his tenacity to find out his fathers killer is portrayed amicably.

the flashbacks are done well but never reveal anything of great importance and the storyline does have areas which set up the flashback to the point it suspends belief at the conclusion. some questions aren't answered and at times the plot becomes convoluted, it's somewhat easier to ignore the property subplot and just assume he's a evil b*****d.

the makeup for some of the characters never seems over the top though it would've been easier to have different actors.

if you can leave your mind in 1st gear and not get caught into some of the details it is an enjoyable film which can never live up to memories of murder but easily better than some of the recent examples of western cinema

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