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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chisajas 10 / 10

Wonderfully Put Together

This film was wonderfully put together, with great use of imagery and sound. Didn't take long for the film to pick up pace, jumps into action immediately. The film set up the plot very well, unlike some films you understand whats happening throughout the movie. The acting was good,with minimal over dramatization. This is one of the better zombie independent films I have watched in the past. The opening scene catches your attention with a wonderful use of sound. This is a great film that I would recommend to any western or zombie lover. Despite the title this s indeed a film that can be seen with family due to its non use of gore or violent graphics.

Reviewed by Robin Cuddihy 10 / 10

Movie Review

I really enjoyed watching "Cowboy Zombies", I thought it was very well made. It's a totally different kind of zombie movie, I have ever seen. My favorite character was "Jasper" the bartender of the saloon but all the actors were all good. I've had several family and friends that went and saw the movie in October, when it was released in the theater in Tempe, AZ. They all had positive reviews on the movie. I will continue to recommend the movie to people and let them know how they can see the movie. Weather it's coming to a theater near them, Video On Demand, or ordering the DVD. I'm going to be ordering the DVD and other merchandise, it will be released in the Spring of 2014.

Reviewed by Slate Carmien 10 / 10

Amazing western/zombie flick with a classic feel

One of the things I liked most about Cowboy Zombie is that it reminded me of some of my favorite horror/zombie flicks from the 1960's and 70's. It just has that certain classic feel with the camera work and music. The beginning of the movie even brings about the feeling of watching the start of an old western movie. I believe the goal of the Cowboy Zombie was to capture and combine the flavor of these two genres, which was executed very well. Another thing i really enjoyed about Cowboy Zombie is that there are little bits of humor strewn throughout the movie. I laughed several times while watching even when the plot was the most serious. Combine the humor factor with the fact this movie contains very little gore and no swearing makes Cowboy Zombie suitable for any age. I grew up watching zombie movies and this is something I would have enjoyed growing up. Great movie!

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