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Reviewed by dreamer2-350-551584 10 / 10


There still are people on this earth who care enough to work hard, live in unforgiving climates to tell an amazing story of survival, friendship and love. The story, photography, location, narrating and the chimps were the real star's, especially our little hero Oscar. We attended the a.m. showing of "chimpanzee" in Kanata AMC. I will promote this movie with the hope parents will take their children to understand the beauty,friendship and caring of the chimpanzee world. We would have liked additional footage shown at the end of the movie on how the set-up and filming took place. I can only imagine how horrible it was when Oscar's mom Izza was attacked and succumbed to death from a leopard. Would love to have been there to see Freddy accept little Oscar.

Thank you for all the hard work and beautiful story. I will be attending again before April 26th to help the Jane Goodall Foundation. Cheers, Cher

Reviewed by amethystwings32 10 / 10


Like Jane, Goodale I to love chimpanzees. Documentaries like this help to save the lives of so many animals. People need to see just what we have done to the earth.So many animals have been killed off that we can only see them in films like this. It sad but true we as people have lost sight of everything that is really important in life, that matters most. And that is saving life not taking it, for our own gain. That is my mom's opinion on in this documentary . And the sad thing is everything she said is true. We often take things for granted, in life we never truly appreciate it . Until it is gone , much like our planet we are now just starting to realize. How important it is to preserve . Our environment and it is wildlife , but look how much damage we have caused in the process! All in the name of progress , that is why these films are important . To send a message that that life here is precious and we need protect it before . It is too late and all as we know it will be extinct!

Reviewed by jennyallworthy 9 / 10

Chimpanzee is for the whole family! Two bananas up!

After taking my husband to see Chimpanzee last night (as I have no school age kids to drag) I have to give it two bananas up! We both loved it. What a refreshing change to see a film that almost any age could see together and have a great discussion afterward.

Gorgeously filmed and just the right length to keep smaller ones from getting bored, I was amazed at the footage that the filmmakers got of these chimps. I am one of those who has trouble leaving the primate area of the zoo and it does make you marvel at their similarities with humans.

You'll feel like you just went on a trip to the rain forest of Africa, and I can't imagine a child or teen not liking this. Or an adult for that matter.

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