Bleeding Steel


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by srunwill 9 / 10

Good movie from Jackie Chan

This is good but not one of the best movie he ever made but it is good, intense, cool, and enjoyable to watch. The fight scenes are classic. Glad I watched it despite the negative feedback it receives. Well done Jackie.

Reviewed by Mark Thomas 9 / 10

The guy is in his 60s, how is he still doing what he's doing?


The guy is in his 60s, how is he still doing what he's doing?

Another outing for Jackie Chan and another action film to enjoy without too much thought but enjoyable none the less.

Interesting story but of course marvellous action and fighting which is what Jackie Chan does so well.

If your a Chan Fan then watch, nowhere near as great as The Foreigner but a good film in its own right (The Foreigner broke the mould when it came to Chan films and can't be beaten).

Rating 9 out of 10

Reviewed by carsten172 9 / 10

Bleeding Steel is a very unique and different Jackie Chan Movie

I am a big fan of Jackie Chan and have watched all of his movies so im quite an expert in terms of Jackie Chan. This movie has a lot of action. It never gets boring.
Dont expect a great storyline this movie is made for pure entertainment. So turn of your brain and enjoy the ride. The past Jackie Chan Movies are nowhere as good as Bleeding Steel. Railroad Tigers was a mess, so Kung Fu Yoga. The cinematography is great too. A lot of coulours and nice scenery. This movie stands unique in his filmography.

I recommend this to everyone. Just dont think to much and enjoy the massive amount of action and mystery and nice cinematography.

So much fun...

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